LazRfit is a revolutionary new sport and fitness program that uses laser tag as a basis for boosting cardio performance. In as little as 10 minutes you will find yourself running, jumping, and squatting all over the 5000 square foot lazRpark. Players can burn over 200 calories in a single 12-minute game. Say goodbye to heavy laser tag equipment with the sleek, re-designed wireless lazRfit Handle that is lightweight and comfortable to hold while moving at top speeds. The lazRfit Holster vest is streamline, breathable, and unnoticeable to the wearer.

It’s both - but better! You’ll have the opportunity to compete against other players by targeting key areas on their equipment. Players will experience periods of high intensity interval training (HIIT) including sprinting, jumping, and other quick sporadic movements.

Read more about the LazRfit health benefits and target muscle groups.

Unlike traditional laser tag, there are no places to hide or protect yourself in the lazRpark. The only way to avoid being tagged is through movement. The game is currently set-up in a free-for-all fashion - no teams, just individual players, for now.

The targeting and point system is also designed to promote movement. Easier targets, like the central chest area on the lazR Holster vest, will power off remaining targets on a player. While harder targets, like the areas on the lazR Handle, allow you to keep capturing points once a player has been tagged.

Read more about specialized targeting.

The lazRpark is also brightly lit and designed to level the competitive playing field. Players have the added advantage of a large field of view but also must move quickly throughout the large maze-like structures to target opponents and evade enemy lasers.

You are free to come alone or with friends and family. LazRfit is designed to be inclusive of all skill- and sports-levels. Setting up a game between strangers and friends is easy.

Feel free to do either. In order to avoid long wait times and to guarantee your time slot, call ahead to book.

LazRfit is a cardio workout, so show up with your favorite fitness gear.

For safety reasons, you’ll need a clean pair of closed-toed athletic shoes with good tread. You’ll be expected to move quickly around numerous built-structures and around other people. Expect to be jumping, squatting, sprinting, and dodging enemy lasers.

LazRfit is a cardio program developed specifically for athletes classified as young adults and older. For safety equipment reasons, players must be over 4'3" (1.29 m) to play in the lazRpark.

Our Downtown LA location includes separate changing rooms for both men and women with one shower in each. Players will have access to lockers and must bring their own padlock to secure their personal property on-site.

If you wish to use the shower, be sure to bring your own towel and shower shoes for safety and health reasons.

While we do understand that Southern California’s temperatures can sometimes border sweltering, we believe that a little bit of heat is good for your body. Increased warmth within the body helps stimulate and activate beneficial properties related to calorie expenditure (burning) and detoxing of tissues. Warmth also helps to limber up muscles for larger, more dynamic movements.

While the temperatures in our lazRpark are not centrally regulated, we do provide proper air circulation and ventilation with fans and open window combinations. We also encourage players to hydrate responsibly before, during, and after playing lazRfit.

As of right now (April 2017) we have 5 fully functioning sets of LazRfit equipment.

We developed the entire concept including the equipment hardware and software from scratch. We are working hard to make adjustments and have more functioning LazRfit gear ready soon. Our goal is to have 12 fully functioning equipment ready for play over the next few weeks.

We have ample street parking available and are centrally located by the Staples Center and Convention Center. You should have no problem finding a place to park. We are a 5-minute walk from the Pico Station stop via the LA Metro line. Get Directions