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Brains and Brawn

lazRfit is a combination of laser tag and high intensity fitness, designed to be a fun yet challenging sport. Players move through the multivariate game arena while actively pursuing the opposing team’s Holster targets using their Handles and evading enemy fire.

Use your lazRfit Handle to strategically tag Holsters on your opponents. Targeting the most difficult areas (i.e., the Handle) will leave you with more opportunities to tag other regions.

The easiest targets switch the remaining areas off.

  • Stomach (easy) – every other target area switches off
  • Shoulder (medium) – shoulder and stomach target areas switch off
  • Handle (hard) – only the handle switches off

The lazRfit Handle and Holster include built-in geolocation services that keep you moving. Once your target is tagged only physical activity can reactivate your Handle.

The key to winning is to keep moving!


12 minute game

3 players minimum

Holster and handle fit gear