Specially engineered laser handle design with real time display

The lazRfit Handle features a smooth finished design made to fit your whole body workout needs. Its patented form molds to your grip to ensure steady accuracy and precision and is more comfortable and practical than traditional laser tag guns. The laser is activated by holding the trigger button and pointing the handle to aim all 3 dots (triangle shape) within an opponents’ Holster targets or Handle target. The screen display features real time your workout and gaming data in real time. The Handle is also geo-positioning capable and ensures your constant movement and activity during the entire workout.

  • Durable body construction
  • Geo-positioning
  • Right and left-handed designs
  • Point and press to fire laser
  • Target capable
  • Rent-to-Play
  • Ready to sync


Comfortable and versatile design that encourages flexible and dynamic movements

The targeted Holster engineering is inspired by movement. Its streamlined patented design allows for maximum versatility and activity. lazRfit players avoid being targeted by rival players’ lasers. The target-capable areas include the upper middle torso and both shoulders. Once a player is tagged, the Holster will signal deactivation by lighting up and requires sustained movement to be reactivated.

  • Tri-target design (torso and shoulders)
  • Stabilizing straps
  • Breathable and versatile design
  • Geo-positioning
  • Rent-to-Play
  • Ready to sync


An online fitness community for the next-level workout

The lazRapp fitness application is a one-of-a-kind mobile activity and health tracker designed to enhance your lazRfit workout experience. The app links directly to your equipment and monitors your workout and gaming success. After their session, players can view their mobile rankings on community leaderboards calculated from their gaming statistics. They will also be able to view and analyze metrics according to their individual data. Users will be able to track and monitor their fitness journey and goals closely and improve upon their personal records.

  • Link to equipment
  • Leaderboard rankings
  • Player statistics (shots fired, accuracy, etc.)
  • Fitness performance tracking
  • Personalized metrics
  • Scheduling and reservations