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WHO estimates that annual health spending is around $ 54 billion due to physical inactivity. Despite the recommendations, most people do not exercise enough because they do not enjoy it. So how do we get people to move more (especially those who don’t like it, this is what Philippe (aka Tarzan) and Lucie asked themselves)? We make the experience fun. We create a training that perfectly balance muscular work and gaming.


While playing laser tag, they realized its cardio potential. Long minutes of moving around completely obsessed by the goal of the game. But it was by becoming recurring players that they identified its sporting qualities. As their level increased, they stayed put, fighting each other only using their bodies movement to avoid the shots. Even if the workout was taking shape, the equipment technological weaknesses, the marketing and the playgrounds prevented the creation of a complete fitness training.


They completely reinvented the equipment.
They build a 500 g shooting handle with 3 lasers positioned in a triangle (Hello Predator!) and 2 targets. Working

When developing the equipment they made capital to create sports equipment with great precision. They wanted to encourage movement by including calorie reactivation (you have to burn calories to reactivate). They anticipated the Covid (or in any case, a need for more cleanliness) by developing the tissue apart from the technical part (allowing machine washing). Finally, they developed the fan experience with a visual cue of the winner (real-time winner targets light up blue).


After the first stage of development, they went to test the prototype in Los Angeles, California by opening a new kind of gym. A park made up of wooden modules in which members could train their cardio. For a few months thousands of people, some becoming regular members, tried they equipment and the training concept. They enjoyed enormous media coverage (Vice, Insider, BuzzFeed, Reality TV Angels,…) which reinforced their vision.


They completed the system development in Switzerland with a management software, a mobile application and a refined cardio fitness training.

LAZR Fitness was born !

For 2 minutes and in pairs (1VS1), you must try to hit your opponent with your Handle while moving to avoid his shots. When your targets turn yellow, do a muscle building exercise (push-up, squats, etc.). When the targets turn green again, repeat the process.

Your opponent will raise your BPM whether you like it or not.
Your mobility and balance will improve greatly.
The endorphin rush will immediately make you feel good.
The objective of the game will make you forget that you are doing fitness.
At the end of the session you will be able to find your game data on an App.


Official launch of LAZR fitness

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